Event Schedule

The 2023 International Festival schedule is now available – please see below

2023 International Festival Schedule

10AM – 6PMEthnic Display Group DemonstrationsInside & Outside
 Earth BalloonInside
 Information BoothsInside & Outside
 International Game ZoneOutside – Upper Lawn
 Sponsors’ informationOutside – Sponsors’ corridor
10AM – 5PMPassport ProjectLobby
10:15 AM – 11:15 AMLoch Norman (Irish Pipe Band)Inside & Outside
11AM – 6PMEthnic Foods AvailableInside & Outside
11AM – 12PMObakunle Akinlana – African Folk TalesInside Lounge
12PMFestival of Music and DanceArena Floor
12PM – 6PMCustomized Tote BagsInside
1PM – 1:45 pmUNC Charlotte Chinese class students, Chinese Dragon DanceOutside circle by clock tower
 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm
1PM – 3PMSteel Vibrations (Caribbean Steel Drums)Outside Stage at Star Quad
2PMParade of NationsArena Floor
3PM – 4PMHula CarolinaInside Stage
3:45PMFestival of Music and DanceArena Floor
5PM – 6PMTrabucos Latin Band
(Afro-Cuban/Caribbean Music Group)
Inside Stage